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Playing with your dog enriches your relationship with her. It’s as simple and as beautiful as that.

– Karen B. London, PhD and Patricia B. McConnell, PhD, Play Together, Stay Together: Happy and Healthy Play Between People and Dogs

26_dog_there it is

Learn how to get Fido to bring the ball back!


Well-written and funny, this delightful booklet is filled with easy to follow directions for engaging in a variety of games and activities with your best canine buddy.  They plunge right into activities such as “The Chase Game”, “The Crazy Owner Game”,  “Hide and Seek”, and “Play Ball!” They also provide a fine collection of tricks to teach your dog, and an overview of organized classes that promote owner and dog sports such as agility, tracking, herding or mushing. They cover toys (Toys: The Good, the Bad, and the Squeaky) that are interactive between owners and dogs, as well as puzzle toys for independent play. Plus, there is a chapter on incorporating obedience training into your play sessions. They are thorough enough to cover “How Not to Play with Your Dog”, and have a nice index of resources. All this in just 90 pages!

37_dog_dreamingofrunningOne of my favorite entries is the Chase Game. Dogs love to play chase, just watch two dogs tearing around a dog park, running, jumping, pausing, changing directions, changing leaders, pausing again and starting over. As Drs. London and McConnell put it, “it’s hard to find a happier expression than that of a dog engrossed in a chase game. But, why leave all the fun to the dogs?”

The instructions for The Chase game are easy and you do not have to be a runner to enjoy it!

All you need to do is clap or “smooch”to get your dog’s attention, then take off running away from him as soon as he looks at you. We like to clap as we run; giggles are optional, but they make it more fun. Of course, the best place to play chase with your dog is outside in an area where you know your dog is safe off-leash. That gives you room to run ten yards one way and then sprint off in another direction before your dog catches up.”

24_dog_zombie run away

Grace plays Zombie chase!

It is possible to have a modified game of chase in the house. Bingley and I do that on occasion, but be careful of rugs, furniture, stray shoes, or other dog toys that can literally trip you up! Also, no matter where you choose to play Chase, there are some rules that help to keep it safe, fun, and effective:

1) One way play. The most important aspect of Chase is that you always run away from the dog so that he is chasing you! This is important because if you start chasing him, he will learn to run away from you when you move toward him thinking you are going to play. This makes it very hard to get him to come to you later, especially if he perceives you are leaning, even slightly towards him.

2) Know when to stop. Balanced play in dogs includes a lull in the action. Build lulls into your Chase play so your dog does not get overly excited. Moreover, in the prey sequence, the chase is followed by a grab bite, which is not exactly what most owners are looking for in their family dog. So, “when he is four or five feet away, turn toward him and reinforce him with a treat, toy, or the beginning of another chase game,” or throw in a couple of obedience commands (Sit! Down! Spin! Target! etc.) to get him to re-focus, calm down a bit and learn not to bite at the end of a chase sequence.

3) Also, you don’t have to run far before changing directions. You can go 5 yards in one direction, then 8 in another, then 6 in yet another, followed by 10 yards back towards where you started. This will make the game more fun for non-runners and may help to keep him focused on following his crazy owner rather than going in for the take down.

Play Together, Stay Together: Happy and Healthy Play Between People and Dogs is available through ( or on Fun, easy and quick to read, Play Together offers all the incentives and instructions to do just that!


Tennis anyone?


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A Preview of Coming Attractions!

I am surprisingly happy about galloping towards the new year. Usually, I do not easily relinquish the old and boldly go forth into the great unknown of the next year, but we have some things planned for A Positive Connection next year that make me quite excited! For those of you who missed our Client Appreciation Open House earlier in the month, here is a recap of what we introduced:

First of all, we want to be your 360 degree trainers…

…giving you tools, information, and outlets to be the best owner possible! To accomplish this, in 2014 you can expect the following:

A yearly theme…62_dog_how dogs envision-31

…which guides every aspect of A Positive Connection’s interactions with you, and helps you become the best owner possible so that you can have the best dog possible. The theme for 2014 is: Savvy Owners: Happy Dogs

Newly added Seasonal Seminars…

3ballsbingley.jpg.w300h225An opportunity to delve into specific behavioral, training, and obedience issues. In 2014, you can expect 2-3 Seasonal Seminars, covering anything from Kids and Dogs, to Summer Concerns, and Dog Body Language. A perfect chance to complement and enhance your knowledge, not only of your dog, but of dogs in general!

And our brand new Focused Classes…


Our new Focused Classes are 6 – 8 week courses dedicated to working on singular behaviors. Focused Class offerings will include Loose Leash Walking classes and Recall Classes. We start in February with 6 weeks on creating a dog who comes back like a boomerang! Stay tuned for details!

We will also be offering Puppy Classes..PP1.71

…designed to get our youngest canines off to the right start, these 6 week classes will be offered to puppies up to 12 weeks of age and will help prepare your dog to earn his AKC S.T.A.R. puppy designation!

Click here for more info on the S.T.A.R. puppy program:


Blogposts will continue…

…your weekly connection to the greater dog world, giving you information not covered in class, but which supplements your relationship and training with your dog, and with dogs in general.

And keep an eye out for new designs and products from AnimalCentric Designs…49_dog_lawyer_reading in chair-01

…not only do I offer a variety of color, and black and white cards, but I have a yearly calendar, and I will design a custom card just for you! I have done cards for an attorney, mortgage broker, pig farmer, and carpet cleaner! Call (740-587-0429) or email ( to set up an initial appointment and let’s bring your business or personal message to life.

We look forward to helping you and your dog become the best team possible and wish you a very happy and healthy New Year!

Julie and Emma

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